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  • The Battle of Abercrub Pass

    Author Olav van Dam Date 2015-12-16 19:21:47 Comments 0 Category Uncategorized

    Sometimes you have an idea but it’s just to big to create yourself. What would be your next move? Maybe ask some friends for help and divide the work? That’s exactly what Garmadon did, and look at the amazing result… It took 3 people (2 brothers and a sister) some serious time (8 complete days) but the end result to us is staggering. It’s really too bad they didn’t spend time on creating a solid story line because we would be really interested why everyone needs to reach the citadel. Who’s attacking, and why? Maybe some day Garmadon and the rest of the family will come together and... read more ››

  • The Siege of Troy

    Author Olav van Dam Date 2015-11-03 23:05:24 Comments 0 Category Uncategorized

    These three creations from Simon Schweyer are made specifically for the Colossal Battle Contest 2015. Take a closer look and get inspired on LEGO and Greek Mythology. Who doesn’t like the old stories of Paris, Helen, Troy, and the Trojan Horse. A lot of movies have been made surrounding this epic story, but for us these creations are just as cool as what we’ve seen in the cinemas the past couple of years. We especially like the Trojan Horse. Very nice and detailed creation that makes us really want to take out our Homerus Book and start reading/dreaming away again… Source... read more ››

  • The Night of the Owls

    Author Olav van Dam Date 2015-10-31 15:33:09 Comments 0 Category Uncategorized

    We’ve come across a lot of Batman related LEGO creations, but none like this one. This one is about the Night of the Owls, a storyline in the Batman saga that probably not a lot of people have heard of. We had to Google for it, let’s be honest. The Night of the Owls is an ancient conspiracy group that controlled Gotham City for centuries. And Batman is of course going to make sure this group never sees the light of day. Lot of cool stuff is happening in this one. Too bad the white masks aren’t available… Source   read more ››


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