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  • How to train your dragon

    Author Olav van Dam Date 2014-10-14 21:19:28 Comments 0 Category All

    Did you see the animated movie How to Train your Dragon? We did and we dare to say it’s one of the best animated movies ever made. That’s also probably why our eye caught this dragon creation. This MOC isn’t about the animated movie. It’s about training your dragon in general. It’s made by Gabriel Thomson and he’s part of team Gentlemen of the Brick. They competed in the Mocathalon 2014 and for this creation they needed to design something that involved dragons. The eventually came up with this emerald green edition. It’s supposed to be very easy to ride. That’s why they’re used for... read more ››

  • Inferno

    Author Olav van Dam Date 2014-10-11 07:26:00 Comments 0 Category All

    Lava is something we don’t really see very often. And it has it’s reasons. It’s pretty hard to create. But Migalart did it anyway. And he did it very good. There’s not much information available about this MOC. We can tell it’s a space spat ion and by the looks of it, it’s build within some sort of volcano. You can see this heli platform on top of the lava. You need some really solid construction material to pull that off. But that doesn’t matter. This creation looks awesome. The lighting for the photography is also really awesome. Well done Migalart, keep these things coming!... read more ››

  • Thranduil's Throne

    Author Olav van Dam Date 2014-10-02 21:57:20 Comments 0 Category All

    If you’ve been building MOC’s for some time now, it’s hard to keep raising the bar. Speaking of raising the bar, Li Li clearly needed a challenge. He tried to ‘re-construct’ Thranduil's Throne, one of the most incredible film sets ever created. Not everything is perfect in this creation. But we feature it nonetheless. Why? Because the effort is definitely worth mentioning. We actually think the throne is pretty awesome. The rest needs some work and hopefully Li Li keeps improving this one because it does have potential. Source read more ››


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