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BrickForge Clone Blaster


BrickForge Clone Blaster

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  • BrickForge Clone Blaster

    Despite the superior power of the Clone Rifle, many clone units prefer to use the lighter, more compact Clone Blaster carbine. The smaller model is less bulky and easier to maneuver when engaging in close combat in the cramped confines of indoor structures or star ship corridors. Not a true repeating blaster, it can still handle braced firing much better than its larger cousin - with more accuracy and less prone to overheating - causing a few troopers to dual wield a pair during evacuation measures. Fits most standard minifig hands.

    Miniquins, MOCs and Minifig parts not included with purchase
    Guest Modeler: Designed by Thrash

    Sie kaufen nur die Waffe und nicht die MiniFigur und / oder die andere abgebildete Lego Artikel.

    Dieses Set enthält Kleinteile und ist nicht für Kinder junger als 3 Jahren gedacht.

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BrickForge Clone Blaster

BrickForge Clone Blaster

BrickForge Clone Blaster