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BrickForge Commando Carbine


BrickForge Commando Carbine

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  • BrickForge Commando Carbine

    The Commando Carbine is a configurable combat weapons system used by the elite commandos. An adaptable weapon, the carbine was capable of fulfilling multiple combat roles due to its ability to reconfigure into either a standard blaster rifle, a compact sniper rifle, or an anti-armor grenade launcher, depending upon the needs of the user. These traits make the Command Carbine invaluable to its owners, and the reason why it has proven to be a dangerous weapon on countless battlefields across the galaxy. Fits most standard minifig hands.

    Miniquins, MOCs and Minifig parts not included with purchase
    Guest Modeler: Designed by Thrash

    You are buying only the Weapon and not the Minifig and / or other displayed Legos.

    This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

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BrickForge Commando Carbine

BrickForge Commando Carbine

BrickForge Commando Carbine