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Acoustic Guitar - Dark Orange


Acoustic Guitar - Dark Orange

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  • The Acoustic Guitar is a plucked string instrument played either with fingers or a pick.
    Related instruments are believed to have originated in ancient central Asia and eventually made their way to Europe in the 8th Century.

    As civilizations merged the guitar began taking on a unified shape and style.
    String count varied between 3-5 and the overall shape was much smaller compared to the ones seen today.

    It was in Italy that the first six string classical guitar was created.
    European immigrants settling in America replaced the nylon strings with steel ones which give way to the modern Acoustic Guitar.

    The Acoustic Guitar features realistic detail and a rounded neck for easy grip.

    The reverse side has a standard connection point for when your traveling minifig musician needs to sling it onto his back.

    You are buying only the Acoustic Guitar and not the minifig and / or other displayed Legos

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Acoustic Guitar - Dark Orange

Acoustic Guitar - Dark Orange

Acoustic Guitar - Dark Orange