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F-22® Raptor® - Stealth Air Superiority Fighter


Brickmania F-22® Raptor® - Stealth Air Superiority Fighter

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  • About the F-22® Raptor® Stealth Air Superiority Fighter:

    Unmatched by any known fighter in the world today, the F-22 Raptor is the first 5th-generation fighter to serve the U.S. Air Force. Armed with the most advanced avionics on the planet, the F-22 serves as stealth superiority fighter while maintaining its ability to attack surface targets. Perhaps its greatest asset is the aircraft’s two Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 turbofan engines with two-dimensional thrust vectoring nozzles, which allows the F-22 to cruise at supersonic airspeeds (greater than 1.5 Mach) without using afterburner, giving it superior speed and range without increasing fuel consumption.


    • Length: 62 ft (18.9 m)
    • Height: 16.67 ft (5.08 m)
    • Wingspan: 44.5 ft (13.56 m)
    • Crew: 1
    • Engine Thrust Class: 35,000 lb (15,876 kg)
    • Armament: M61A2 cannon; 2x AIM-9 ; 6x AIM-120; 2x GBU-32; 2x AIM-120

    Additional Information about this Brickmania® custom building kit:

    Standing an impressive 20.9 inches long and 15.1 inches wide, the F-22 Raptor features a plethora of play features including working landing gear, posable flaps, elevators, and thrust vectoring nozzles, as well as a detailed cockpit, arrester hook, and gatling gun door. Also included are three opening missile bays, and a combat load out that includes two Sidewinders and two AMRAAM missiles, as well as a brick-built display stand.

    Model Statistics:

    • Designed by Cody Osell
    • 1528 LEGO® elements
    • Custom F-22 pilot minifigure
    • High-quality sticker sheet
    • Full-color printed building instructions
    • Additional printed elements
    • 1/35th scale to match other Brickmania kits
    • Advanced Skill Level (6-8 years building experience recommended)

    LOCKHEED MARTIN® F-22® Raptor® associated emblems and logos, and body designs of vehicles are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Lockheed Martin Corporation in the USA and/or other jurisdictions, used under license by Brickmania, LLC.

    All Brickmania model kits are made of new-condition LEGO bricks. This model comes disassembled and includes complete printed building instructions and comes packaged in a sealed box. This is a limited-edition kit and production may be discontinued at any time.

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F-22® Raptor® - Stealth Air Superiority Fighter

F-22® Raptor® - Stealth Air Superiority Fighter

Brickmania F-22® Raptor® - Stealth Air Superiority Fighter