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M1 81mm Mortar Pack


Brickmania M1 81mm Mortar Pack

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  • Product Description

    The mortar has been an essential piece of artillery eqipment since humans have built machines to lob projectiles at builings, fortifications and—of course—other humans. As warfar has become more fluid and mobile, the need for squad-portable mobile artillery increased dramatically. In the early 20th century this technology evolved into what we commonly know as the modern mortar. This generally consists of a small rocket-propelled explosive projectile, a launch tube, support base, and aiming bipod.

    Brickmania is pleased to introduce an all-new deluxe mortar pack, containing our previously released heavy mortar, plus a custom printed BrickArms crate (printed same on both sides) and prototype BrickArms mortar shell.

    Additional information about this Brickmania custom Lego® kit:

    • Mortar is posable, with a range of elevation.
    • Mortar breaks down and can fit in the packing crate
    • BrickArms crate is custom printed especially for this kit
    • OD green mortar shell is small-batch injected by Will from BrickArms
    • 1/35 scale matches other Brickmania models
    • The over-all color scheme of this model is dark gray
    • Includes 13 LEGO and BrickArms elements.


    Other Details

    Designer: Daniel Siskind
    Piece Count: 13
    Minifigs: 0
    Skill Level:Sophomore (2 of 5)


    Voor deze set zijn additionele verzendkosten van toepassing.
    Voor meer informatie zie onze Leveringsvoorwaarden.
    Deze set bevat kleine onderdelen en is niet geschikt voor kinderen onder de 3 jaar.

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M1 81mm Mortar Pack

M1 81mm Mortar Pack

Brickmania M1 81mm Mortar Pack