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Koe - Shorthorn


Koe - Shorthorn

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  • Koe - Shorthorn

    The Shorthorn breed of cattle originated in northeast England in the late 18th century. They were initially developed for dual purposes: suitable for both dairy and beef production. American settlers also valued the Shorthorn as a willing power for the wagon and plow. No farm should be without a few of these bovines strolling about the barnyard or grazing along the countryside. The BrickForge Shorthorn Cow features a 2-stud wide design, articulated head, 1x2 cut-out and custom screen print design reminiscent of the traditional Horse piece.

    Koe wordt voor gemonteerd geleverd en is gegoten in ABS kunststof.

    Deze set bestaat uit 1 Koe en 1 set Hoorns de andere weergeven LEGO artikelen maken géén onderdeel uit van deze aanbieding.

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Koe - Shorthorn

Koe - Shorthorn

Koe - Shorthorn