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    Brickmania initiated "Project Ukraine - Unleash the power of Bricks".  BRiCKiZiMO fully supports this project!

    Proceeds from this project will go to benefit the United 24, Wingmen for Ukraine, International Rescue Committee, Direct Relief, Ukrainian Red Cross, Ukrainian Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations directly involved in providing relief to the Ukrainian people.

    On the special Brickmania donation website you can follow the results.

    “The outside world supports Ukraine’s fight for freedom and independence. This project will raise awareness of the valiant struggle that the Ukrainian people are undertaking to protect those freedoms, and it will raise funds for aid organizations and Ukrainian refugees in a timely fashion. The vast support we’ve already received from our fans and builders around the world shows this initiative will have an immediate impact, which is exactly the goal. Many people from Ukraine have already expressed gratitude that we are taking on this project and have not forgotten them. We are a small company, and supporting charity organizations is one of our core values, but this is the first time we’ve taken on a project with a sense of such immediate urgency.” - Dan Siskind - Brickmania

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  • LEGO® MiniFigures
    BRiCKiZiMO Toys offers a wide range of original LEGO Minifigures, custom designed Minifigures and a combination of both! Our famous custom designed Minifigures collection are sourced and selected from the best, most talented custom Minifig artists working today. Quality is our byword here all Minifigures are finished with an amazing attention to detail. BRiCKiZiMO Toys launched an own line of World War 2 custom Minifigures which are exclusively sold on this website. Enjoy our wide ranging selection: with figures from Star Wars characters you won't find from LEGO, to beautiful recreated characters from TV, games and film, till a large range of soldiers out of different era's of war you'll have of choice here to get excited and inspired.
  • MiniFig Gear

    Customised LEGO is the world's general term for modified original LEGO or LEGO-compatible parts, which are (still) not offered by LEGO. BRiCKiZiMO offers an extensive daily growing selection of custom Minifigs and LEGO-compatible parts in different themes.

  • MiniFig Weapons

    Let Brickizimo supply your Lego mini-figures with all the weapons they could possibly want or need! Check out our guns and weapons categories below and our massive selection of injection moulded, high quality custom design armaments. Pic’n’mix your favourites from our unrivalled choice, all in one place!

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  • Light your Bricks

    Light My Bricks and LIGHT STAX bring LED light into the world of bricks like LEGO® and MEGA® Bloks. You can use both systems to build imaginative light creations but you can also light up your own collection of building blocks.

    What is a house without lights, a car not able to blink or a lighthouse with…well just dark bricks?

    Both Lighting systems provide an easy way for LEGO® fans to customize their models using LED lights.

    All set are plug and play - no electronics knowledge needed!

  • Move your Bricks

    What are Circuit Cubes?

    MAKE ‘EM MOVE! Circuit Cubes Bluetooth App brings controlled motion to your builds. Make your creations move and perform simple tasks with the FREE smartphone app.
    POWER YOUR BRICKS: Bring your toys to life with Circuit Cubes, the electronic building blocks that add power, motion, and light to your creations. Designed by STEM teachers, Circuit Cubes can turn a light on, power a motor, or make wheels spin. Circuit Cubes teach kids the basics of mechanical engineering and circuits as they engage in unprescribed and creative play
    ENDLESS FUN: Circuit Cubeds electronic building blocks provide hours of fun and creativity! Build and power endless projects with Circuit Cubes, a pile of bricks and your limitless imagination. Snap together Circuit Cubes, building bricks, and other included materials to make your own one of kind creation!
    EXCELLENT FOR BEGINNERS: Young scientists, engineers, and inventors will love exploring and creating with Circuit Cubes. Everything you need for effortless assembly. Circuit Cubes inspire STEM/STEAM learning through play.
    THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Circuit Cubes' award-winning kits enable kids (and adults) to add power, light, and motion to their favorite brick projects, as they develop problem-solving skills through creative, endless play

    All Circuit Cubes kits are plug and play - no electronics knowledge needed!

  • Print your Bricks

    Premium printed LEGO® bricks and parts.
    All the bricks are printed professionaly and with the highest standards.
    No use of labels, decals, all hand painted or printed with an ink jet printer.
    Printed like the real thing using authentic LEGO® parts.

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Apocalypse Trooper

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Ordnance QF 18 Pounder Field Gun

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Brixies Building Plate |...
Brixies Building Plate |...
Drone BN43

Drone BN43

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WW2 RAF Pilot Minifigure

WW2 RAF Pilot Minifigure

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Falklands War British Paratrooper

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