MiniFig Gear

Customised LEGO is the world's general term for modified original LEGO or LEGO-compatible parts, which are (still) not offered by LEGO. BRiCKiZiMO offers an extensive daily growing selection of custom Minifigs and LEGO-compatible parts in different themes.

MiniFig Gear 

  • Hats & Caps
  • Body Wear
  • Gear
  • Berets
  • Helmets
  • Masks
  • Shields
  • Music
    Bring down the house by creating your own Minifig rock band.Both the Acoustic and Electric Guitar feature a 1.5mm half-round neck and rear connection point so your guitarist can tap and thrash all night long.The Violin features similar components and works well with a string quartet or fiddling on a roof.A set of Drumsticks round out the set – giving your drummer some tokens to toss into the crowd at the end of the show.Don’t forget to place a few of our Microphones at center stage before raising the curtain.It’s going to be a great show!
  • Scooter

    Consider the scooter a younger cousin of the motorcycle. The scooter is a lighter-weight mobility vehicle featuring a more open step-through design as well as a flat floorboard for the motorist's feet. Sign your Minifig up for a tour around Tuscany or help your delivery Minfig arrive at their destination in 30 minutes or less. This fine and well designed scooter is available in 8 fashionable colors.

  • Sport
    Your MiniFigs also deserve some stress relieve!Let them play a bit of Golf or do some hicking in the mountains.Check out the BRiCKiZiMO Sport & Leisure collection.
  • Accessories
  • Storage
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