Put your present lists on autopilot!

Let BRiCKiZiMO-Toys solve all your gifting dilemmas with this unique Wishlist service.

Simply log in to your BRiCKiZiMO-Toys account and create as many personalised Wishlists as you want.
When you’re done, send your Wishlist directly to your friends and family and let them tick off what you’ve chosen!

Creating a wish list.

Creating as many Wishlists as you need couldn’t be easier! First you’ll need to sign in to your account, or create one now, if you haven’t already.

Signed in? Great! Click the link to view and manage your Wishlists. To create your new Wishlist for any occasion, simply tap on the "Create now your own Wishlist here" button.

Now the real fun starts! You can start adding your products to your Wishlists. Browse the site – when something catches your fancy, simply click the ‘Add to My Wishlist’ button.
If you have more than one Wishlist you can select the Wishlist where you want to add the product to, making it super easy to build a couple of lists on the go – no need to log in and out of each one separately.

Tell people about your Wishlist.

To invite people to view your Wishlist all you need to do is to share the list by e-mail and/or social media.
When they visit Brickizimo-toys they can go to the Wish List section and enter the code to view your list.
Items can be added to their basket directly from the list and once purchased the item will be crossed off.

You can also email a link to your wish list from your account page. Simply click the email button next to your Wishlist name and fire off a link to your friends or relatives.
The link contains your unique Wish List code so your list can viewed with a single click.

Been given a wish list code by a friend or relative?

Well, now you can rest easy knowing there’ll be no more returned presents, forced smiles and keeping the receipt just-in-case.
When you use a BRiCKiZiMO-Toys Wishlist, you know you’re choosing exactly what your lucky recipient wants.
And no more double ups – when someone’s bought an item, it’s ticked off on the list.

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