Super Heroes

POW! WHAM! BOING! The © LEGO Super Heroes are on the scene! Criminals and thugs don’t stand a chance against these lean & mean MiniFigures.

Super Heroes  

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  • Modern German Tanker
    Modern German Tanker

    Brickmania Modern German Tanker

    € 23,00
  • CV9030N

    Brickmania CV9030N - Infantry Fighting Vehicle PRE ORDER: Auslieferung...

    € 309,00
  • Bell® V-280 Valor®
    Bell® V-280 Valor®

    Brickmania Bell® V-280 Valor® - Future Long Range Assault Aircraft PRE...

    € 849,00
  • HMS Warspite
    HMS Warspite

    Brickmania HMS Warspite - Super Dreadnought Battleship PRE ORDER:...

    € 689,00
  • Spirit of St. Louis
    Spirit of St. Louis

    Brickmania Spirit of St. Louis - Single-Engine Monoplane PRE ORDER:...

    € 229,00