M21 Sniper Rifle
  • M21 Sniper Rifle with ammo, mono- and bi pod
  • M21 Sniper Rifle

M21 Sniper Rifle

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M21 Sniper Rifle

Color: Zwart

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BrickArms M21 Sniper Rifle
First put into service in the early 1970s, the M21 sniper rifle continues to see action on the front lines of battle today. Powerful, accurate, and reliable, the M21 is a durable weapon that can easily stand up to the rigors of war and still operate perfectly, and it remains a favorite of US troops.

In honor of this weapon's tradition of service, BrickArms is proud to offer the BrickArms M21 Sniper Rifle, the perfect accessory for all your minifigs looking to do some sniping.

Reach out and touch your minifigs' enemies today with the BrickArms M21 Sniper Rifle!

Take the shot!


Be sure to buy also the BrickArms Bipod and / or a BrickArms Monopod to make the M21 an even more powerful weapon.

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