Rats and Foxes - Bauanleitung
  • Rats and Foxes - Bauanleitung
  • Rats and Foxes - Bauanleitung
  • Rats and Foxes - Bauanleitung
  • Rats and Foxes - Bauanleitung
  • Rats and Foxes - Bauanleitung

Rats and Foxes - Bauanleitung

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Brickmania Rats and Foxes Bauanleitung


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Product Description

The North African campaign of WWII took place in North Africa from June 10, 1940 to May 13 1943. It included campaigns fought in the Libyan and Egyptian deserts, and in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The campaign was fought between the Allies and Axis powers, many of whom had colonial interests in Africa dating back from the late 19th century. Fighting began with the Italian declaration of war on June 10, 1940. On June 14, the British Army’s 11th Hussars crossed the border from Egypt into Libya and captured the Italian Fort Capuzzo. Information gleaned via British Ultra code-breaking intelligence proved critical to Allied success in North Africa. Victory for the Allies in this campaign immediately led to the Italian campaign, which ultimately culminated in the downfall of the fascist government in Italy and the elimination of a German ally.

Rats and Foxes Instructions

Instructions included in this volume are:

The Rats (Allies):

  • QF 25 Pounder
  • 6 Pounder 57mm Anti-Tank Gun
  • SAS Jeep
  • Bren Carrier LP2 with 2-Pounder Anti-Tank Gun
  • GMC 30 CWT Truck (LRDG)
  • A12 Matilda II Infantry Tank
  • M3 Grant Medium Tank
  • Hurricane Iic Trop
  • Spitfire Mk Vc Trop
  • CMP 15CWT Truck with 20mm Breda

The Foxes (Axis):

  • Kubelwagen
  • SdKfz 10 with Pak 36 Anti-Tank Gun
  • Panzer II Ausf C
  • Panzer III Ausf L
  • Panzer IV Ausf F
  • Messerschmitt Bf-109 E-4 Trop
  • Opel Blitz with Flak 38


  • North African House
  • Palm Tree Mk 1

Bonus Extras:

  • Printed on heavy-weight glossy paper with a special lay-flat spiral binding
  • Also included is a vinyl sticker sheet with vehicle markings, insignia, and uniforms for 12 figures
  • Each model includes a parts list to help locate all of the parts needed to build your model
  • Beautiful full-color photographs throughout the book, filled with ideas for displaying your models.

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