Donation for Ukraine

Brickmania initiated "Project Ukraine - Unleash the power of Bricks".  BRiCKiZiMO fully supports this project!

Proceeds from this project will go to benefit the Ukrainian Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations directly involved in providing relief to the Ukrainian people.

On the special Brickmania donation website you can follow the results.

“The outside world supports Ukraine’s fight for freedom and independence. This project will raise awareness of the valiant struggle that the Ukrainian people are undertaking to protect those freedoms, and it will raise funds for aid organizations and Ukrainian refugees in a timely fashion. The vast support we’ve already received from our fans and builders around the world shows this initiative will have an immediate impact, which is exactly the goal. Many people from Ukraine have already expressed gratitude that we are taking on this project and have not forgotten them. We are a small company, and supporting charity organizations is one of our core values, but this is the first time we’ve taken on a project with a sense of such immediate urgency.” - Dan Siskind - Brickmania

Donation for Ukraine  

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